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The World Can Be Yours Courtesy of The Pawling Rotary Club!

The Pawling Rotary Club is offering a scholarship to a qualified rising high school junior or senior who is interested in a four week cultural emersion  experience this summer.  Students will spend three to four weeks living with a family in any number of choice locations on the European Continent.  Your host family will open their home  and culture to you.  Their child of high school age will then return with you and spend three to four weeks living with you and your family, while learning about life in the Hudson Valley and perhaps beyond…depending on where and what  your family chooses to explore.
This is a wonderful opportunity for any teen who wishes to learn about the world in a safe, nurturing environment and would also like to establish a unique international connection with a family overseas.
If interested in this entree to cultural diversity and living abroad, contact Lori Johnson, Chair of the International Exchange Program for the Pawling Rotary Club, and let her open this door for you!  Lori Johnson can be reached at: 845.855.1112 x1303 .


by Susan Stone
When Jody Sandler and his wife Caroline realized that the Yellow Labrador Retrievers that didn’t quite make the cut as seeing eye dogs with the local branch of Guiding Eyes For The Blind might be able to be used in service elsewhere, they set out to find these pups another purpose.  With a little bit of specialized training, these smart and sweet dogs were put to work as service dogs to children on the Autistic Spectrum.  Most particularly, the pups are trained to prevent these children from doing the one behavior that is most dangerous to them…they keep them from ‘bolting,’ which leads many to serious injury or even death. Because of the exceptionally mellow personality of this particular breed of dog, they also become a ‘social lubricant’ for many of these children, who suffer communication difficulties with their peers. 
Jody and Caroline have placed ninety service dogs with Autistic Children in a geographical area within a two hour drive from Hopewell Junction, N.Y. where they are now located, having developed Blue Path Service Dogs after Guiding Eyes dropped this valuable program.  They provide life long training and assistance with the dogs they place to the families and children who require it, and consider it an honor and privilege to do so.
Jody Sandler, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and CEO of Blue Path Service Dogs, can be reached at 845-377-0477, or at  Additional information about this organization, how to access its services or how to support it, may be found on their web site at:

Holiday Party

By Susan Stone


On December 13, The Pawling Rotary Club held its annual holiday luncheon in Lankler Hall at Christ Church on Quaker Hill. During this annual event, the club takes this opportunity to thank the community for its generosity, and to donate to various local organizations that support youngsters in our community. The following organization were among the award recipients at this year’s celebration:


  •  Pawling Resource Center offers a helping hand to neighbors, providing a caring place to turn in difficult times. The Center provides a safety net to those within our community who are in need.  This gift will be directed toward youth support at the Resource Center.   Rev. Jon Ellingworth, Chairman,  along with Terry Ariano, Program and Office Coordinator accepted the donation on behalf of the Pawling Resource Center
  •  Pawling Free Library provides educational programming that benefits the community.  The Rotary award is in support of programs that benefit children and teens. Brian Avery, Library Director, accepted this award on behalf of the Library.
  • Pawling Youth Development  provides funding for children’s and youth services programs here in Pawling. This includes the After School and Drop-In Programs for 7th and 8th graders. Ann Godesky, Board Chairperson, accepted this donation.
  • Pawling Scout Cabin, also known as The Smith Johnson Scout Reservation, is the site of local Boy and Girl scout troop meetings.  Over 200 local scouts benefit from the use of this eighteen acre, wooded area. Board Chair, Nina Muller, was on hand to accept this donation.
  • Rotary Interact Club was formed in 2011 by the Pawling Rotary Club and the Pawling Recreation Department.  If has over 50+ members who are high school juniors and seniors.  They organize their own fundraisers and support the Pawling community and regions beyond, by their work. John Ammaturo, Rotary’s Interact mentor, accepted this donation on their behalf.
  • Pawling Fire Department has provided educational programs in safety that have benefited our community’s children. Their presence in the community  provides a safe and secure environment for Pawling’s children and their families.  Dennis Brunow accepted the award for the Fire Department.
  • Pawling Public Radio is Pawling’s own educational community radio station, mandated by the State Department of Education to provide broadcasting of an educational nature.  This award, in support of their High School Apprentice Program, was accepted by Board members Carol-Lee Kantor and Jacque Roche.
  •  Camp Herrlich is operated by Mount Tremper Outdoor Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization.  They provide enriching youth experiences in their after-school classes and summer camps and have been in operation for more than twenty-five years. Camp Herrlich now provides the after school programming within the Pawling school district. Amy Emke, a Camp Herrlich educator, accepted this award on behalf of this organization.
  • Camp Sundown began in 1996 as an Xeroderma Pigmentosum family retreat in Poughkeepsie, NY. From the beginning, Founders Dan and Caren Mahar had the dream of creating a year-round “night camp” to offer sun sensitive children and their families a way to meet other people who shared similar problems.  They created a “camping” experience that mirrored their daytime peers, with all activities taking place after sundown.  Rotary was delighted, once again, to support their fine work.
  • Additionally, awards were presented to Rotary International in support of The Rotary Foundation, which assists in such worldwide challenges as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition; Polio Plus, which has reduced polio cases by 99 percent worldwide since 1979; Rotoplast, which works toward eliminating the incidence of untreated cleft lips and palates in children worldwide by the year 2025; Shelter Box, which,  since 2000, has provided emergency shelter to families that have been displaced by natural and man-made disasters. Louis Turpin, Governor of Region 3, District 7210 accepted these awards on behalf of these worthwhile programs.

Great Chocolate Festival

One of the happiest little attendees at this years Chocolate Festival!  Just look at that chocolate face! sarah-lundySarah Lundy


Chocolate Festival

face profile 2016The Chocolate Festival will take place on November 12th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lathrop bulding in Pawling’s Lakeside Park. “This year’s festival will be bigger and better than last year’s,” according to Ann Godesky, event chair. Limited booth space is still available. If you wish to join the fun, contact Ms. Godesky through the Pawling Rotary website at

Funds raised by Pawling’s Rotary Club at their annual Chocolate Festival are used to support Pawling organizations that provide services and benefits to Pawling’s youth.

face profile 2016