Pawling Rotary Summer Meetings Are Full of Surprises!

Submitted by Susan Stone

If anyone should ever wonder if the Pawling Rotary Club lightens up on its meeting schedule or speaker program during the Summer months, then wonder no longer.  The answer is a resounding and happy “No!” Not only does the club continue to meet regularly with high member turnout, but their speakers are interesting and enlightening.

Most recently, Andrew Sarrubi, Restuarant Manager and the highly knowledgeable Sommelier at Mckinney & Doyle spoke about the joys of rosé wine, its places of origin, and the subtleties in taste and of processing.  Of course, what great wine connoisseur would come empty handed?  Not Andrew Sarrubbi!  He came with perfect examples of both French and Spanish rosés  and shared them generously with the club members present.

Last week, newly inducted club President, Jeff Asher, spoke about his passion for “droning,” the hobby that has sprung up around the owning and operating of remote-controlled drones. He even brought along two little drones for show and tell!  His newest acquision, a spiffy number that is registered with the FAA, was flown about 150 feet up into the air over Murrow park where it took a delightful photo of  Rotary club members waving furiously from below….great fun!

This week, fellow Rotarian Chris Wood, along with John Burweger,  Village Trustee, came to speak to the club about the exciting possibility of a new and much needed Pawling Newspaper, tentatively titled The Pawling Record. With informative handouts and Q&A session at the end of the presentation, Rotary members seemed impressed at the thoughtfulness that has gone into this project. The  publication aims for a possible launch late this Fall.

The Pawling Rotary Club will continue to meet at Murrow Park’s Lion’s Club building through July,  returning to Lakeside Park’s Lathrop building in mid August. For information about the Pawling Rotary Club, and their many activities in support of the Pawling community, please log onto their web site at





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