The World Can Be Yours Courtesy of The Pawling Rotary Club!

The Pawling Rotary Club is offering a scholarship to a qualified rising high school junior or senior who is interested in a four week cultural emersion  experience this summer.  Students will spend three to four weeks living with a family in any number of choice locations on the European Continent.  Your host family will open their home  and culture to you.  Their child of high school age will then return with you and spend three to four weeks living with you and your family, while learning about life in the Hudson Valley and perhaps beyond…depending on where and what  your family chooses to explore.
This is a wonderful opportunity for any teen who wishes to learn about the world in a safe, nurturing environment and would also like to establish a unique international connection with a family overseas.
If interested in this entree to cultural diversity and living abroad, contact Lori Johnson, Chair of the International Exchange Program for the Pawling Rotary Club, and let her open this door for you!  Lori Johnson can be reached at: 845.855.1112 x1303 .

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